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Posted 5 months ago 0 notes REBLOGDinner with @karby_huang. Dedicated to @lilypopps. Come back to bkk soon ❤  (at InterContinental Bangkok)
Posted 5 months ago 0 notes REBLOGHave been seeing this view nearly every day since a month ago 💬 (at BTS พญาไท (Phaya Thai) N2)
Posted 5 months ago 0 notes REBLOGFresh bread from the oven, mushroom soup from the stove, cheated a bit with the creme brulee made yesterday. The joy of eating homemade food ❤
Posted 6 months ago 0 notes REBLOGBeauty in chaos. 🍃🌹💐🌳
Posted 8 months ago 1 note REBLOGAnother self-assembled present from grandma 😍☺️👯👭🙋✨
Posted 9 months ago 0 notes REBLOGBecause some books deserved to be finished within a day 😇📚✒️
Posted 9 months ago 0 notes REBLOGBecause December is the month to sit down, look for quotes and find a background for them 💭💭💭
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Posted 9 months ago 0 notes REBLOGat BTS แบริ่ง (Bearing) E14
Posted 10 months ago 0 notes REBLOGWe reminisce the responsible-free children we used to be 💭 #completionweek #dying  (at Bangkok Patana School (โรงเรียนบางกอกพัฒนา))
[This was originally drafted around 2010/2011] I wish that…

1. I could touch the sky or reach to the end of the universe

2. All of my friends and family would never pass away to heaven

3. Global warming would stop so that I would have a future when I grow up

4. 2012 wouldn’t be true. Publishing this on 25/10/2013 hahahaha

5. I could speak any language to communicate with the whole world

6. Love could find me some day  Got a boyfriend :) wait which kind of love?

7. When I click my fingers I could stop the time

8. Teachers would give me less homework and assignments Not when one takes IB. 

9. There was no such thing as violence

10. The lost children around the world could reunite with their parents

11. I could travel around the world

12. The whole world would save our planet from pollution

13. Moments could be kept in drawers

14. Precious memories would be kept in test tubes or glass jars like in Harry Potter with the silvery whisps of smoke as memories

15. I could have my first kiss just like how it was in my dreams Hehehehe…

16. Life is not so hard to live

17. The word ‘test’ or ‘exams’ are never invented

18. I could get into Julliard - Not a dancer lol.  Don’t even remember having this dream at all XD

19. I could wake up in Paris and have a freshly-baked croissant  done that already.

20. Texting would be free of charge so I don’t have to pay for the huge amount of my SMS

21. There is something like an ‘ipm’ (iPhone messenger) like how blackberries have bbm (blackberry messenger) clearly this post was written before imessage was invented :D

22. Some people can just look back at themselves before commenting on other people

23. I can have a surprise birthday party once in my life

24. I would never be too old for cartoons

25. When I make a wish upon a star, it will come true

26. Someday, a scientist (or anyone) could invent a machine that can do your homework

26. When I walk pass the stores with free helium balloons, I would still be young enough to get one.

27. I would pass my IGCSE exams yes.. now IB

28. There would be a lot of opportunities out there for me to experience *

29. My grades would go up automatically

30. Maths would be as simple as 1+1 = 2

31. Facebook would stop making me addicted to the online games last game i played was tetris 2 years ago -.-

32. Twitter would make me less talkative  - Officially ditched it :D

33. Everyone could have a chance to stand up on stage and shine like a star

34. I could get into Imperial for Medicine wow seriously dont recall this either..

35. In the future I can say out loud that my life was better than 10 years ago

36. I could stop wishing

37. Slavery doesn’t exist. 

38. I could get into a US uni without SATs. That’s the reason why I’m not going there.  Yes I can, but should I?

39. My grandma would live long enough to see me graduate from uni as a medic student. Just see me graduate and get married :D

40. Chances would come along easily for all of us to grab hold on.

41. There is no word as ‘impossible’ (but of course there is ..)

42. The stars would shine brighter in cities.

43. Fear could drain out of the world. Wait. its a primitive instinct. 

44. I could adopt an orphan: just by supporting physically, financially and mentally. Not to the point of taking him/her as my child.

45. There is only one religion so that meaningless wars over them would end

47. My parents would get together.

48. I could be an orthopedist surgeon. Even if I’m not a surgeon I’ll be happy with just being an orthopedist. I like bones. then it was neuroscience, now its biochemistry. 

49. Sleeping would be easier like when we were young. How did we fall asleep within seconds?

50. Dreams are real. And fake at the same time.

51. Society would accept each individual as who they are. We were BORN THIS WAY

52. I could meet Lady Gaga personally and thank her for inspiring my life.  My current inspiration is Dan Howell (danisnotonfire) thank you for your quarter-life existential crisis and i cant sleep videos. They keep me alive. 

53. everyone could keep things simple.

54. Guys and girls could have a normal sleepover. Just partying with midnight snacks, movies and talks before falling asleep. Dear parents; male and female humans ≠ sex. Its doesn’t always end up like that. Well it depends with who… right? 

55. "Adventure is out there"

56. Internet is free. 

57. … I’m too scared to wish now. 

*Will redraft this in a few years’ time and perhaps add more to it ;D*

Posted 11 months ago 0 notes REBLOGFinished sewing in 2 weeks! Thank you @ihaveunicornpower for doing most of it 😍 (Blame IB work -.-) Hope that our parents would love and use them :3
Posted 11 months ago 0 notes REBLOGSewing with @bananalove19 for our parents’ anni 👨👩🙌☺️
Posted 11 months ago 1 note REBLOGBest fruit in the world ❤  (at Honmono Sushi (ฮอนโมโน ซูชิ) 本物すし)